Tomb of Ibrahim Lodhi
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Ibrahim Lodhi's tomb is situated near a Tehsil Office at Panipat. Ibrahim Lodhi fought fiercely with his uncle Babur, in the battle of 1526 known as the First Battle of Panipat and was slain and buried at this place. It was one of Sher Shah Suriís dying regret that he could not fulfill his intention of erecting a tomb to the fallen monarch. His grave is a simple rectangular block on a high platform approached by a flight of steps made of lakhori bricks. The tomb was renovated by the British, and an inscription mentioning Ibrahim Lodhiís defeat at the hands of Babur and the renovation was included by them in 1866.

Tomb of Ibrahim Lodhi

Another memorial of some kind, however, appears to existed which used to form a place of pilgrimage for the people of Gwalior since Vikramaditya the last Raja of the old Towrebs dynasty of Gwalior, fell in the same battle. This memorial, according to general Cunningham, was destroyed when the Grand Trunk Road was made.


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