Star Monument
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Star MonumentStar monument is one of the most breathtaking buildings in Haryana. This building houses the samadhi of Sh Tara Chand fondly called 'Maharaj ji' by his followers. The building is situated in the Radhaswami Satsang Bhawan complex, Dinaud, about 12 km from Bhiwani, Haryana.

The monument is a hexagonal pyramid, with its sides being in the shape of a star, as Maharaj ji's first name 'Tara' means a star. The height from the base platform is 88 feet, while the platform itself is raised 6 feet. Each of the six sides measure about 60 feet at the base. Out of the six, three alternative sides are covered in white marble while the other three in Italian glass. The samadhi of Maharaj ji is inside the building in the center of the floor. A unique thing about the design of this building is that it doesn't have pillars or columns to support itself.

Radhaswami AshramThere is a small beautifully landscaped garden around the monument. The garden houses the small hut in which Maharaj ji used to meditate. The building is not yet complete as some minor works remains to be done and it is expected to be fully completed by September, 2001. The whole cost of constructing this monument was borne by the followers of Maharaj ji living in India and abroad.

The Haryana government needs to develop the immediate area around the building and repair roads so that this spot can become one of the major tourist attractions of Haryana.

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