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Sainis claim to be an ancient Vedic Kshatriya tribe. They are now a farming caste and generally avoid priestly duties, business etc. They claim descent from Rajan Saini (called 'Sini' in texts) and his grandson Satyaki of the Mahabharata fame. They founded 'Saini Vamsh' of the Sura-Sena which is one of the eleven Vamshas of Krishna and one of the tribes of the Yadavas. The descendants of Avamitra, the youngest son of Vrsihni are called Sainyas through his son Saini. Satyaki and Yuyudhana are born from this family. Sainis are said to have been cursed to be kingless and used the title of Rajan but rarely Raja. Yadu too had a curse for rebelling against his father Yayati.

Sainis are spread along the Shivalik foothills from Gurdaspur on Ravi (Punjab), through Haryana to Haridwar (Uttaranchal). Reduced to village aristocrats, all became political non-entities on forced migration to poor lands and continuous subjugation for 800 years from 200 BC - 600 AD under Saka-Kushan-Gurjara rule. Political decline and fall from owners of land as Kshatriya to profession of farming caused economic and educational backwardness.

Inbreeding, poor soil and wet climate deteriorated the stock; where chiefs and elite families often trans located and merged with ruling or conquering tribes. Defeats, persecution, division and absorption led to further problems. Clans split, joining as Rajputs and Jats under new name or old names. Converts to Islam amongst the Sainis were unheard of, causing further decline as they received no favors from Turko-Pathan kings during 800 years of their rule.

In Haryana, Sainis are concentrated in the Kurukshetra, Ambala and Yamunanagar    Online casino districts and are a major farming community.

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