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People of Haryana: Aggarwals claim themselves to be the followers of Maharaja Agarsen, the King of Agroha. Agroha is located about 20 Km's North-West of the City of Hissar in the State of Haryana in India and was once a very prosperous city. However, it has changed a lot due to the ravages of time. The present day Agroha village is about 2.5 kms from the Agroha Mound, the remains of the old Agroha City. Maharaja Agrasen proceeded to conduct 18 Maha Yagnas. He divided his kingdom among his 18 children and established the 18 gotras after the guru's of each of his children. These were: Garg, Mangal, Goyal, Kucchal, Goyan,  Bansal, Kansal, Singhal, Jindal, Thingal, Airan, Dharan, Madhukul, Bindal, Mittal, Tayal, Bhandal, and Naagal.

The neighboring kings were envious of Agroha because of its prosperity, thus they frequently attacked it. Because of these aggressions, Agroha faced numerous plights. In due course, the strength of Agroha was sapped. A huge fire engulfed the city causing the citizens to flee and disperse into various areas of Bharat. Today, these people are known as Aggarwals, Guptas or Banias. They still have the same 18 gotras that were given to them by their gurus and they carry on the fame of Maharaja Agrasen. As per Maharaja Agrasen's guidance, the Aggarwals are in the forefront of social service. A Agroha temple Complex and Agroha Medical College are being build near Agroha (Hissar), with generous donations from whole of the Aggarwal community. Aggarwals are the top business and trading community in Haryana today.


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