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NDRI Karnal
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National Dairy Research Institute, NDRI, Karnal is the premier organization that provides R&D support for dairy development programs of the Nation. Over the years, it has gained prominence as the front ranking research organization on global basis. The Institute works in close liaison with various national and international developmental agencies to assist the country in its dairy development plans.

NDRI metamorphosed from erstwhile Imperial Institute for Animal Husbandry & Dairying, which was established at Bangalore in 1923. In 1936, it was expanded and renamed as Imperial Dairy Institute. It was in 1955 that its Headquarters were shifted to Karnal in Haryana, at the location formerly called Central Cattle Breeding Farm. In view to consolidate the impressive infrastructure already developed at Bangalore, the unit was reorganized to serve as the Southern Regional Station of the Institute. In 1962 and 1964, two regional stations were established in Kalyani and Bombay to serve as the Eastern and Western regional stations of the Institute. The Western Regional Station (WRS) at Bombay was closed down in 1984. The Southern and the Eastern Regional Stations continue to provide region specific R&D support for dairy development in relation to the agro-climatic conditions that exist in those areas.

In 1970, the Institute's management was weaned away from the Ministry of Agriculture and brought under the wings of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research with a view to provide greater operational autonomy in research management functions. In 1989, status of Deemed University was conferred to the Institute for further strengthening the academic programs for human resource development. The Institute provides high quality education in the field of dairying which has no parallel in Asia. It is noteworthy that NDRI is not only an important contributor of dairying manpower required in SAUs but it plays on important role in enhancing the teaching capabilities of SAUs dairying staff. This is evidenced by recognition, by the ICAR, of the Institute as Center of Advanced Studies at NDRI in Dairy Cattle Breeding and Dairy Technology disciplines to further strengthen the research and training components. During the IX Plan period, a National Research Center on Biotechnology is being commissioned at this Institute.

Mandate: To undertake basic and applied research in the area of Dairying covering Production, Processing, Economics and Management. To develop Dairy Farming Systems for different agro-climatic conditions and demonstrate models for transfer of technology. To organize and conduct programs at under-graduate and post-graduate levels in various branches of dairy science. To organize short-term specialized training programs and vocational courses. To collaborate with National and International agencies for Dairy Research and Development. To provide consultancy to Dairy Industry, Dairy Farmers and other Dairy Development Agencies. To act as a referral Center on Dairy Research.

Organizational Structure of NDRI follows the Deemed University pattern of the ICAR:

Board of Management
Research Advisory Committee
Academic Council
Extension Council

Infrastructure and Facilities: The Institute at Karnal is located on 560 ha of land, of which 360 ha is used for fodder cultivation. Adorned by natural surroundings, the beautiful campus harbors Central Administrative Office, various Research Divisions, National Library in Dairying, the Cattle Yard, Embryo Biotechnology Center, Artificial Breeding Complex, Farm and Maintenance Sections, Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Trainers' Training Center, Computer Center, Dairy Plant, Milk Parlor, Health Complex, Staff Club, Guest House, Community Center, Printing Press, Exhibition Units and Museum, Residential Accommodation for the staff and Student Hostels.

Major research achievements of the Institute are given as under:

  • Development/standardization of processes and techniques for the manufacture of concentrated milk products such as sweetened condensed and evaporated milks from buffalo milk.

  • Development of products such as milk powder, Rasgulla powder, Gulab Jamun mix powder and low-lactose milk.

  • Ghee flavor and renovation of rancid ghee and color for cheese and butter.

  • Simple, accurate and rapid methods for estimation of major and minor constituents, heat stability tests and detection of adulterants etc., for milk and milk products.

  • Innovations in lactometer design and a formula for estimation of SNF in milk to suit Indian conditions.
    Rapid method for detection of coliform count in milk and milk products.

  • Development of continuous ghee, khoa and channa making machines. Cream separator attachment for food processors.

  • Development of heat pump for concentration of milk.

  • Two new strains of cattle, namely Karan Swiss and Karan Fries developed by crossbreeding, followed by selection.

  • Cytogenetic profiles of various breeds of cattle buffaloes and goats elucidated.

  • Development of Hansa test for detection of adulteration of cow milk with buffalo milk.

  • Development of 'Degcure' for curing Degnala disease.

  • Nutrient requirements for cattle and goats for protein and energy with respect to maintenance, growth and milk production formulated.

  • Urea molasses block lick developed for use as a good source of nitrogen and minerals to cattle during scarcity period.

  • Protocol for induction of lactation in indigenous cows and buffaloes developed.

  • Method to estimate draught animal power in bullocks established.

  • Procedures developed and standardized for estrus synchronization & super ovulation using different hormone combinations.

  • Ten calves produced from a single donor cow in one year's time through ETT.

  • Protocol for embryo transfer technology standardized for cattle and being currently used under field conditions.

  • The world's first in vitro fertilized buffalo calf. Since then more buffalo calves using this technology produced.

  • Asia's only large animal treadmill for cattle and buffaloes fabricated for experimentation on work capacity.

  • A fatigue test score developed for evaluating draught performance of animals which is universally used.
    Highly sensitive antiserum against progesterone has been developed.

  • A simple diagnostic kit "PRAMAN" for pregnancy/non-pregnancy detection in buffaloes on days 22-24 post insemination developed. The kits make use of disposable droppers and inexpensive consumables.

  • Development of a composite management index for bovines as a determinant in enhancing milk production.

  • Development of a test for measurement of adoption behavior of dairy farmers, training effectiveness index and skill competence scale have also been developed.

NDRI - Dairy Education and Training

For more details please connect to the official website of NDRI, Karnal:  http://www.ndri.nic.in
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