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Naurangabad Mound is near the village of Naurangabad, about 10 km from the Bhiwani town in Bhiwani district, Haryana. This mound came to the notice of the government in the early eighties when children playing there found old coins after rains washed away the top soil. Some of these coins were thought to be of Kushan and Gupta periods and are displayed in a museum in Jhajjar Gurukul. In 1985, this mound was taken over by the government and handed over to the Archaeological Department. The total area of the mound taken over by the government is 58 acres. The mound is now maintained by a sub-office of the Archaeological Department situated in Hissar.

Digging was started in February, 2001 and continued for three months. It was discontinued due to the onset of summer and it is set to resume in October, 2001.

In this preliminary digging, artifacts up to  2500 years old have been found. Among the artifacts found are coins, tools, sieves, toys, statues and pots. According to the archeologists the presence of coins, coin moulds, statues and design of the houses, suggests that a town existed here sometimes in the Kushan, Gupta and the Youdheya period till 300 BC. During the Youdheya period, the coins had seals of religious figures and these coins were cast in moulds.

Remains of houses made of mud bricks as well as baked bricks have been found. The walls are 18 inches to 24 inches thick. The floor is lined with baked bricks and the size of the bricks is approximately 18" by 9" by 3". People from the nearby village have been using these bricks for constructing their own houses. This practice was stopped after the mound was reserved in 1985.

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