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Western Yamuna CanalKarna Lake, in Karnal district, lying 125 Km from both Chandigarh and Delhi, is a inviting tourist complex of rich greens. The beauty of the spot is heightened by an artificial lake decorated with a central island. The dark foliage on this island, is the home of a wide variety of birds, like the cormorant, the geese, ducks, some swans and a bevy of kingfishers. The variety of bird life at the small like changes with the seasons. Boating is a special attraction of this center. And for this both rowing and paddle boats have been provided. For those who want to make a halt at Karna Lake, air-conditioned rooms are available at the Motel. The rooms are tastefully decorated and situated so as to overlook the lake. Restaurant, bar, conference and banquet halls and a gift shop are housed in another building a little away from the Motel.

Oasis Tourist ComplexOasis Complex is like a honeycomb: Small cubicles seems to spring up from every angle, where a wide range of choice delights await the visitors : Gift shops, cafeteria, restaurant, fast-food counter, chat-corner, fruit juice corner, banking counter, a filling station, a first aid dispensary and similar units tend to delight the visitors by their variety. The gardens behind the cubicles have chairs and tables laid out for those who prefer to sit out in the open. Camper cottages have been built here, for the budget tourists who want to stay on. A small Japanese garden also provides small boats for the little ones. The hum of activities at Oasis, practically round the clock, is typical of this center.

Karnal Golf CourseGolf Course: The Haryana Tourism has recently commissioned a new Golf course on the banks of Western Yamuna canal just near the Lake-Oasis twin complex. The golf course has been cleverly designed as it lies on both sides of the National Highway No 1, and one has to pass under the highway to continue playing. The combination of Karna Lake, Oasis Complex and the Golf Course is going to make this place in Karnal as one of the most visited tourist spots in whole of Haryana. Some restaurants and Dhabas are also situated on the opposite side of the highway and do a brisk business for travelers who are in a hurry.


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