Karnal Monuments
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Karnal TowerPlaces of interest: The Karan Tal, Kalandar Shah’s tomb, Cantonment Church Tower, the Kos Minar, a small fort in Katju Nagar called Traori sarai, Babur’s masjid and the tombs of Mukrab Ali Khan and Mubarak Khan. Two ancient inscribed red pillars have been discovered in Amin. The National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI) is the largest such institute in whole of Asia.

Cantonment Church Tower: This is a big old tower and can be seen from a distance of several kilometers as it is almost 35 meters in height. The tower is surrounded by a large ornamental cross. The church itself named after St. James, was dismantled with the shifting of the Cantonment to Ambala in 1841 A.D.

Kalander Shah's Tomb: Kalander Shah's tomb is situated just outside the town. The grave is made of marble and decorated with sculpture. The tomb was built by Ghias-ud-din, Emperor of Delhi, to the memory of Bo-Ali-Qualander Shah, a famous Muslim Savant and Sage, who influenced the thinking of his age and was very widely revered by all communities. Within the enclosure are mosque and a reservoir with fountains built by Emperor Alamgir and outside a Kettle Drum balcony.

Miran Sahib's Tomb: This tomb stands to the memory of a saint, Sayad Mohd. alias Miran Sahib who died in 899 A.D. He was responsible for rescuing a Brahmin girl from the clutches of a Raja in a pitched battle. The tomb is situated towards the extreme south of the town and alongside it stand a small mosque and a cemetery of many members of the Mandal family.

The Karna Tal: The Karna Tal or Tank, named after Raja Karna, son of Surya, ace archer, unrivalled warrior, terror of the Pandvas, an ardent supporter of the king Duryodhana in the Mahabharat war, donor par excellence and the founder of the city of Karnal, is now being renovated and converted into a tourist spot by Karnal municipality. It is said that Raja Karna, who was very philanthropic used to give gold in alms to the needy at the spot.

Pukka Pul: The Sayad's shrine built at Moghul Bridge about 7 kilometers from Karnal city is the scene of a big mela every Thursday. Lamps are lit. Superstitious people from far and near come to make offering at the shrine and ask for boons varying from diseases cure to elimination of ghosts from their bodies and prayers for material prosperity.

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