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Karnal, with a population of 8,85,000 covers an area of 1967 sq km. District headquarter is situated in Karnal city. Karnal was founded by the Kouravs around the time of the Mahabharat for King Karna. It is 123 km from Delhi on the National Highway NH1, (called the GT Road), and 126 km from Chandigarh. Other towns are Gharaunda, Nilokheri, Assandh, Indri and Taraori.

Karnal is famous for Shoes, agriculture research institutions and Basmati Rice.

Karnal, 'city of Daanvir Karan' has been a walled town as far as it is possible to trace and may have had a citadel one time. In 1739, the Persian King Nadir Shah defeated the Mughal ruler Muhammad Shah in the Battle of Karnal. Karnal was annexed by the Raja of Jind in AD 1763 and was taken from him by George Thomas in 1797. The British established a cantonment in 1811, but abandoned it after thirty years due to the outbreak of malaria.

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Map of Karnal district, Haryana

Karnal district lies on the western bank of river Yamuna forming the eastern boundary. Yamuna separates Haryana from Uttar Pradesh. The Karnal district including Panipat lies between 29 09'50" and 29 50' North latitude and 76 31' 15" and 77 12'45" East longitude, its height from sea level is around 240 meters. Karnal is surrounded by Kurukshetra district on its north-west, Jind, Kaithal districts on its west, Panipat district on its south and Uttar Pradesh on east. The district is a part of the Ganga-Saraswati-Indus plains and has a well spread irrigation network of western Yamuna canal. Its geographical area has been divided in to three agro climatic regions, Khadar, Bhangar and Nardak belt. Khadar starts from Indri-Karnal road one mile away from Karnal covering the area in between Yamuna river and National Highway No.1 up to Patti-Kalyana village. Bhangar area starts from west of Khadar area covering Gharaunda, development block. The nardak area lies in Nissing, Nilokheri and Assandh blocks. However, its water is saline and not fit for irrigation.

Karnal is the center of National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI), CSSRI, Wheat Research Directorate, National Bureau of Animal Genetics Research and Sugarcane Breeding Institute. People can learn flying at the Karnal Flying Club.

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