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Map of Jind district, Haryana The district headquarter is situated in Jind town. Other smaller towns are Narwana, Safidon and Uchana. The total area of Jind district is 2736 sq kms and its population is 9,63,000.

The town, headquarter of the district of the same name is situated on the Ferozepur-Delhi section of the Northern Railway, 123 kilometers away from Delhi and 57 Kilometers from Rohtak. It is also connected by road with Delhi, Patiala, Chandigarh and other important towns of Haryana.

Jind town has a Arjun stadium, milk plant, cattle feed plant, Bulbul restaurant and a large grain market. There are facilities for stay at PWD rest house, canal rest house and market committee rest house. The town is well provided with schools, colleges, hospitals and other basic amenities. Jind is noted for its numerous temples sacred to the worship of Shiva. Tradition assigns the settlement of the town to the Mahabharat period.

According to the legend, the Pandavas built here a temple in honor of Jainti Devi (the goddess of victory) and offered prayers for success in their battle against the Kouravas. The town grew up around the temple and was named Jaintapuri, (abode of Jainti Devi) which in course of time corrupted to Jind. Raja Gajpat Singh in 1755 seized a large tract of country including the present districts of Jind from the Afghan and made Jind the capital of the state in 1776. He made a fort here in 1775. Later, Sangrur was chosen as capital of Jind State by Raja Sangat Singh (1822 to 1834 AD)

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