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Hissar district of Haryana: Hissar district, also called Hisar, has an area of 4191 sq km and its population is 12,30,000. The district headquarter is situated in Hissar city. Hissar is one of the more important districts of Haryana politically. Other smaller towns are Hansi, Uklana, Adampur Agroha and Barwala. Hissar town was one of the prime centers of Harappan culture. The area has been associated with ancient Vedic culture tribes such as Bharatas, Purus, Kurus, Mujavatas and Mahavrishas. During medieval times it went through upheavals and conquests, and gained importance for its strategic location with regard to Delhi.

Feroze Shah Tughlaq constructed a fort here and called it Hissar-e-Firoza (fort of Feroze) and dug canals from the Yamuna and Ghaggar rivers to irrigate the dry land. It is a grand structure complete with a basement and a mosque. He built a mosque called Lat ki Masjid. Humayun built a Masjid at Fatehbad, near Hissar town. Emperor Akbar made Hissar the headquarters of the district earlier controlled by Feroze Shah. During early 19th century the British took Hissar under their charge along with the rest of Haryana. Hissar is now an important industrial center of Haryana having lots of Steel and Cotton industries. Chaudhary Charan Singh Agriculture University, also called Hissar Agricultural University is one of the foremost full-fledged educational institutions dedicated solely to agriculture. Beside the above, there are many other monuments like Jahaz kothi, Gujri mahal and Jain pillar.

Ancient Sites: Two sites from the pre-Harappan and Harappan period can be found in Rakhi Garhi and Agroha Mound.

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