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Haryana's per capita income in the year 2001-2002 was Rs 14,331 (at constant prices 1993-94 base year) and Rs 23,742 (at current prices). The net state domestic product for the year 2001-2002 was Rs 28,655 crore (at constant prices 1993-94 base year) and Rs 47,474 crore (at current prices). Exports from Haryana in the year 2001-2002 were Rs 7,050 crore.

In recent years Haryana has emerged as one of the three most progressive states of India with an impressive trail of achievements in the field of Agriculture, Business, Tourism, Information Technology, Automobile Industry and overall development. Though small in terms of geographical spread, Haryana has 6759 villages and 94 towns spread over 19 Districts. Its compact size has been a significant factor in its development.

wpe6.jpg (3385 bytes)Haryana shares a common border with Delhi on three sides, with easy access to raw materials and commercial activities. The international airport, diplomatic enclave and business centers are a few minutes away. With 1.4% of the total area and less than 2% of the country's population, Haryana is one of the leading states in terms of per capita income. Haryana has provided electricity. paved roads and safe drinking water to all its villages.

wpe4.jpg (4540 bytes)Haryana's economy has a significant agrarian component. Its annual food grain production is about 13.90 million tones and Oilseeds 6.70 lakh tonnes. Haryana is one of the largest contributors to the food grains pool of the Central Government, Cotton, Sugarcane and oilseeds are the main commercial crops which have triggered the growth of a number of agro-based industries. It has approximately 1,96,648 farm tractors. Haryana produces about 5,22,000 quintals of certified seed.

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wpe3.jpg (3958 bytes)Haryana, since its inception, on 1st November,1966 has taken a big lead for social and economic advancement. The state stands out for its policies which have lead to the improvement in the quality of life for its residents through development of agriculture, industries, trade and creation of good social infrastructure. It is recognized as a state trying to orchestrate improvement in every parameter involved in guiding investment decision.

Haryana's achievements in the Industrial Sector have also been quite phenomenal during the last 33 years. The number of large and medium industries has gone up from 162 in 1966 to more than 1020 today with a capital investment of Rs. 200 billion. The State accounts for more than 75% of total number of passenger cars, 50% of tractors and 60% of motor cycles manufactured in the country. It also introduces more than 30% of refrigerators and 25% of bicycles and sanitary-wares manufactured in the country annually.

The State has more than 1,100 big and medium industrial units with foreign technical/financial collaborations. To mention a few: Maruti Udyog, Escorts, Hero Honda, Sony India, Whirlpool India, Bharti Telecom, Perfetti India, DCM Benetton, TDT Copper, Modi Alcatel, Carrier Aircon etc. Some major units in public sector are HMT Ltd. National Fertilizers Ltd., Indian Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Bharat Electronics Ltd., IBPL etc. The latest addition to this group is the Rs. 60 billion Oil Refinery set up by Indian Oil Corporation in Panipat district.

About 74,500 SSI units are functioning in the State. 20% of the country's total exports of scientific instruments, 60% of the country's demand for ammunition boxes of defense forces, 60% of total needs of woolen blankets of Indian Army are met by SSI units of Haryana. SSI units of Haryana are manufacturer of largest number of electric mixers, food processors and gas stoves in the country.

In the last 8 years, 2244 Industrial Entrepreneur Memoranda (IEMs) have been filed with Govt. of India for setting up projects in Haryana which could catalyze an investment of Rs. 238.75 billion. Haryana ranks sixth in the country based on IEMs filed by entrepreneurs. A large number of units have been set up by NRIs from USA, UK, West Germany etc. Substantial number of projects have been set up with the equity participation of State Government Undertakings.

The proximity of Haryana to International Airport, the four National Highways passing through the state and the modern infrastructure available at the industrial estates make Haryana attractive to entrepreneurs. One third of the state's area forms part of the National Capital Region and even the farthest point in Haryana is only 7 hours drive from Delhi. With its rapidly increasing population, Delhi has become a major consumption center of industrial products coming from Haryana.

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