Agroha Temple Complex
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Just opposite the Agroha Medical College is the temple complex at Agroha. The temple complex consists of three wings, the center section is graced with the presence of Kuldevi Mahalaxmi. Temple complex is on one side of the Agroha Mound while the Sheela Mata Temple is situated on the other side.

mata1.gif (48166 bytes)Mahalaxmi Shakti peeth was resurrected on 30th October 84. The dome of the temple is very big and is at a height of 180 ft from ground. The main 'Kalash' of the temple is gold plated. The idol of goddess seated on a lotus flower has both aesthetic and spiritual appeal. It is believed that since the time King Agrasen was bestowed boon from Devi Mahalaxmi, the wish of every person is fulfilled at this place.

On the North - West end of the temple complex is the Saraswati Temple. Saraswati ji is the goddess of knowledge and patience. Knowledge and adequate patience are the keys to wealth generation and business acumen to which Aggarwal's are synonymous with.

The eastern wing of the temple complex  host the memorial temple of Maharaj Agrasen. In the main hall beautiful scenes have been sculpted out representing the main ideals of Maharaj Agrasen and main events of his life. One of the scenes sculpted shows how a newcomer to the state of Agroha was given a One Rupee Coin and a Brick for a new start to his life. Besides, there are some scenes depicting the myths from our Vedas and Puranas.

In front of the temple is a 120x160 sq ft. 'Satsang' Hall which can accommodate approximately 5000 people at a time. This hall in concrete is the biggest hall in India without the support of any pillars which is an architectural specialty. At the main gate of the temple complex are built two beautifully sculpted elephants.  

A big chariot depicting the scene from the great epic 'Mahabharat'; where Sri Krishna is giving sermons to Arjun at the battle field of Kurukshetra, has been built on the canopy over the main gate of temple complex. This is the reflection of the belief of Aggarwals in the "Karmyog". The ramps adjacent to the stairs leading out of the main hall (Satsang Bhawan)  have white statues of Ganga -Yamuna stationed on them with colored fountains.

Located at the back of the temple complex is a big Sarovar (pond) called Shakti Sarovar. The sarovar is spread over an area of 4 acres surrounded with a 2 storied Rest House comprising of 136 rooms. On 23rd Jan 1988 the sarovar was filled with water brought from 41 prominent rivers across India. People can have a dip in the pond, which is cleaned regularly for hygienic matters. A platform has been built from the North-West end of the Sarovar extending up to the middle of the sarovar, on which Samudra Manthan scene has been sculpted with arrangement of colored fountains around it.

An Amusement Park spread over an area of 2 acres has been developed on the eastern end of the trust compound. The park has many swings and joy rides for children and adults alike. There is more to fun for children at the boating site where they can paddle around in a lake spread over an area of 1.5 acres. Bhojanalya (Restaurant) is located on the eastern end of the trust compound in between the Administrative block and Amusement park. The Bhojanalaya serves free food (Bhandara) everyday to all visitors.

Agroha has a Naturopathy center which runs in the building surrounding the Shakti Sarovar.  Naturopathy is the treatment with the help of five basic elements of nature i.e. sky, air, fire, water and earth. Through these elements and abiding by the rules of nature viz. the diet, environment, control on our five senses and rest, an individual attains healthy body based upon his physical and mental facilities. Yoga is one of the ways for treatment of ailments in naturopathy just as through the five elements of nature the treatment of diseases is carried out, of yoga is a panacea for all diseases.

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