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Agroha was the prosperous and illustrious kingdom of Maharaja Agrasen about 3000 years back. The Agroha Mound, or 'Ther' as it is locally called, is about 1.5 km away from the present AGROHA village. Buried under this mound are the remains of an ancient town and its excavation was started in the year 1888-89. It was at that time that people came to know about this great kingdom. AGROHA is located some 20 km from Hissar city in Hissar district, Haryana and some 190 km from Delhi on the Delhi-Fazilka national highway.

The redevelopment process at Agroha after the excavation was slow. It was only in 1976 that a need for a concerted group effort was felt at the convention of All India Aggarwal Representatives. This realization led to the establishment of AGROHA VIKAS TRUST in 1976. These efforts were supplemented by Late Master Laxmi Narain Gupta who donated 27 acres of land to Agroha Vikas Trust.

Since then all the development process at AGROHA is planned and implemented by Agroha Vikas Trust. The developments at Agroha received a major boost from 1985. The Agroha Dham construction was re planned with special emphasis on the Temple Complex and the Shakti Sarovar. Functionally Agroha Dham has been planned as a center of learning, philosophy and spirituality. It will also have a Vridh Ashram (Old Age Home), Health Center and a Research Center.

The total area under the trust for the development of Agroha Dham is 27 acres. The developments have taken place in the form of a Temple complex dedicated to goddess Mahalaxmi and Saraswati, this also hosts the memorial temple of Maharaj Agrasen. The beauty of the place is exemplified by the Shakti Sarovar and the well maintained lawns.

Opposite the Trust compound is the Agrasen Medical College and Research Center. The medical college is one of the most prestigious education center for medical studies. It is gearing up to become one of the biggest medical research center. Less than a kilometer away from the trust compound is the ancient Temple of Sheela Mata which has become a major tourist attraction.

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