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War heroes of Haryana - Vir Chakra winners

001.  Captain Ashwani Kumar Mehra  VrC (Indian Navy) 003108 B  1971 Indo-Pak War
002.  Subedar Ajmer Singh  VrC (Indian Army) 3339173  1965 Indo-Pak War
003.  Lt Raminder Singh Sodhi  VrC (Indian Navy) 00540A  1971 Indo-Pak War
004.  Sqn Ldr Jagbir Singh  VrC (Indian Air Force) 5782 F(P)  1971 Indo-Pak War
005.  W Commander R. N. Bali  VrC (Indian Air Force) 5059 F(P)  1971 Indo-Pak War
006.  Naik Mohinder Singh  VrC (Indian Army) 3349262  1971 Indo-Pak War
007.  Subedar Gurcharan Singh VrC (Indian Army) JC-42500  1971 Indo-Pak War
008.  Major Harpal Singh  VrC (Indian Army)  1971 Indo-Pak War
009.  Captain Gurcharan S. Bhatia VrC (Indian Army) IC-8596  1962 Indo-China War
010.  Havildar Chunni Singh  VrC (Indian Army) 32940  1948 Indo-Pak War
011.  Lt Col Balbir Singh Poonia VrC (Indian Army) IC-13361  1971 Indo-Pak War
012.  Rifleman Mathan Singh  VrC (Indian Army) 2851209  1965 Indo-Pak War
013.  Subedar Nihal Singh  VrC (Indian Army) JC-6022  1962 Indo-China War
014.  Havildar Lakhmi Chand  VrC (Indian Army) 2643527  1967 Indo-China flare up
015.  Commodore V. S. Shekhawat  VrC (Indian Navy) 00189 B  1971 Indo-Pak War
016.  Col Brij Pal Singh  VrC (Indian Army) IC-2016  1948 Indo-Pak War
017.  Major J. B. S. Yadav  VrC (Indian Army) IC-16095  1971 Indo-Pak War
018.  Havildar Mahtab Singh  VrC (Indian Army) 15106  1948 Indo-Pak War
019.  Naik Harnarain Ram  VrC (Indian Army) 13240  1948 Indo-Pak War
020.  Risaldar Jage Ram  VrC (Indian Army) A-8829  1947 Indo-Pak War
021.  Naik Sardar Singh  VrC (Indian Army) 16037  1947 Indo-Pak War
022.  Sub Major Jug Lal  VrC (Indian Army) JC-13630  1948 Indo-Pak War
023.  Naik Umed Singh  VrC (BSF) 68588913  1971 Indo-Pak War
024.  Sub Major Ishwar Singh  VrC (Indian Army) JC-47779  1948 Indo-Pak War
025.  Naib Subedar Amar Singh  VrC (Indian Army) JC-3144100  1971 Indo-Pak War
026.  Major Sher Singh  VrC (Indian Army) IC-14619  1971 Indo-Pak War
027.  Havildar Daya Nand Ram  VrC (Indian Army) 2840521  1971 Indo-Pak War
028.  Major Sukhpal Singh  VrC (Indian Army) IC-19213  1971 Indo-Pak War
029.  Naib Subedar Shishpal Singh  VrC (Indian Army) JC-20883  1948 Indo-Pak War
030.  Naik Hukam Chand  VrC (Indian Army) 4140476  1962 Indo-China War
031.  Lance Havildar Umrao Singh  VrC (Indian Army)  1965 Indo-Pak War
032.  Captain Prem Nath Bhatia  VrC (Indian Army) IC-7077  1962 Indo-China War
033.  Sepoy Ami Lal  VrC (Indian Army) 2428955  1948 Indo-Pak War
034.  Sqn Ldr A. K. Datta  VrC (Indian Air Force) 9738  1971 Indo-Pak War
035.  Subedar Ram Kumar Yadav  VrC (Indian Army) 4139673  1962 Indo-China War
036.  Naik Umrao Singh  VrC (Indian Army) 6574258 1952 UN Korea operation
037.  Rifleman Mahi Lal Singh  VrC (Indian Army) 2853735  1965 Indo-Pak War
038.  Naik Ramesh Chand  VrC (Indian Army) 2956049  1971 Indo-Pak War
039.  Lt Col Girdhari Singh  VrC (Indian Army) IC-616  1948 Indo-Pak War
040.  Lance Naik Ram Singh  VrC (Indian Army) 19005  1947 Indo-Pak War
041.  Subedar Sheo Chand Ram  VrC (Indian Army) JC-23178  1948 Indo-Pak War
042.  Major Thandi Ram  VrC (Indian Army) SS-14618  1948 Indo-Pak War
043.  2nd Lt Hawa Singh  VrC (Indian Army) SS-23002  1971 Indo-Pak War
044.  Wing Commander S. N. Bansal  VrC (Indian Air Force) 4014  1965 Indo-Pak War
045.  CHM Krishan Singh  VrC (Indian Army) 3141913  1971 Indo-Pak War
046.  Lance Naik Abhey Ram  VrC (Indian Army) 2849833  1971 Indo-Pak War
047.  Lance Naik Amrit  VrC (Indian Army) 2658004  1971 Indo-Pak War
048.  Col Jagdish Singh  VrC (Indian Army) IC-6703  1965 Indo-Pak War
049.  Captain D. S. Rajput  VrC (Indian Army) IC-28219  1971 Indo-Pak War
050.  Havildar Lehna Singh  VrC (Indian Army) 3150340  1965 Indo-Pak War
051.  Naik Prem Singh  VrC (Indian Army) 2931085  1948 Indo-Pak War
052.  Major Amrik Singh  VrC (Indian Army) IC-18055  1971 Indo-Pak War
053.  Havildar Tek Ram  VrC (Indian Army) 1193311  1971 Indo-Pak War
054.  Wing Commander T. P. S. Gill  VrC (Indian Air Force) 4755  1965 Indo-Pak War
055.  Naik Ram Kumar  VrC (Indian Army) 4144088  1965 Indo-Pak War
056.  Havildar Dhansi Ram  VrC (Indian Army) 2838880  1948 Indo-Pak War
057.  Naik Jagdish Singh  VrC (Indian Army) 2846968  1965 Indo-Pak War
058.  Lance Naik Singh Ram  VrC (Indian Army) 4134106  1962 Indo-China War
059.  L/Havildar Budh Singh  VrC (Indian Army) 2951032  1965 Indo-Pak War
060.  Havildar Angna Ram  VrC (Indian Army) 4135991  1948 Indo-Pak War
061.  Subedar Ram Chander  VrC (Indian Army) 4132072  1962 Indo-China War
062.  Subedar Sardul Singh  VrC (Indian Army) JC-31255  1948 Indo-Pak War
063.  Subedar Hoshiar Singh Yadav  VrC (Indian Army) 4136079  1948 Indo-Pak War
064.  Subedar Nand Kishore  VrC (Indian Army) JC-2431  1965 Indo-China War
065.  Subedar Major Nanji Ram  VrC (Indian Army) JC-33536  1971 Indo-Pak War
066.  Naib Subedar D. C. Dhillon  VrC (J&K Militia) JC-70354  1962 Indo-China War
067.  Naib Risaldar Ram Chander  VrC (Indian Army) 1027015  1971 Indo-Pak War
068.  Havildar Hira Lal  VrC (Indian Army) 4137182  1947 Indo-Pak War
069.  Naik Gulab Singh  VrC (Indian Army) 4140983  1962 Indo-China War
070.  Naib Subedar Nand Ram  VrC (Indian Army) 2641259  1971 Indo-Pak War
071.  Nursing Asstt D. P. S. Dahiya  VrC (Indian Army) 6792413  1961 Indo-China War
072.  Naik Munshi Ram  VrC (Indian Army) 3132623  1962 Indo-China War
073.  Jem. Thambu Ram  VrC (Indian Army) JC-45625  1948 Indo-Pak War
074.  Major Sunhara Singh  VrC (Indian Army) IC-20901  1971 Indo-Pak War
075.  Lt Commander Inder Singh  VrC (Indian Navy) 813151 B  1971 Indo-Pak War
076.  Sqn Ldr Prem Bhushan Kalra  VrC (Indian Air Force) 8466  1971 Indo-Pak War
077.  Sepoy Mange Ram  VrC (Indian Army) 3131469  1948 Indo-Pak War
078.  Sepoy Jai Pal   VrC (Indian Army) 3136291   1948 Indo-Pak War
079.  Major Sat Parkash Verma  VrC (Indian Army) IC-14015  1965 Indo-Pak War
080.  Group Captain S. S. Malik  VrC (Indian Air Force) 4963  1965 Indo-Pak War
081.  Sqn Leader J. S. Gahlawat  VrC (Indian Air Force) 11280  1971 Indo-Pak War
082.  Asstt Commandant Nafe Singh Dalal  VrC (BSF) 1616  1971 Indo-Pak War
083.  Lt Col Bhagwan Singh  VrC (Indian Army) SS-13772  1948 Indo-Pak War
084.  Risaldar Major Lal Chand  VrC (Indian Army) 5501/1015063  1948 Indo-Pak War
085.  Subedar Pale Ram  VrC (Indian Army) JC-6026  1965 Indo-Pak War
086.  Subedar Dharam Singh  VrC (Indian Army) JC-313818  1962 Indo-China War
087.  Naib Subedar Surja  VrC (Indian Army) JC-20335  1962 Indo-China War
088.  Lance Naik Sardar Singh  VrC (Indian Army) 2640716  1962 Indo-China War
089.  Avtar Singh Ahlawat  VrC (Indian Army) IC-24180  1971 Indo-Pak War
090.  Naib Subedar Khazan Singh VrC (Indian Army) JC-8299  1965 Indo-Pak War
091.  Naib Subedar Umed Singh  VrC (Indian Army) JC-419449  1971 Indo-Pak War
092.  Lance Dafedar  Jai Singh  VrC (Indian Army) JC-1038550  1971 Indo-Pak War
093.  Lt Col Inder Singh Kalaan VrC (Indian Army) IC-3147  1948 Indo-Pak War
094.  Havildar Yad Ram  VrC (Indian Army) 11940  1948 Indo-Pak War
095.  Subedar Chhottu Ram  VrC (Indian Army) JC-24430  1965 Indo-Pak War
096.  Major Virender Singh Ruhil  VrC (Indian Army) IC-12414  1971 Indo-Pak War
097.  Subedar Pohlad Singh  VrC (Indian Army) JC-30557  1971 Indo-Pak War
098.  Captain Kuldip Singh Rathi  VrC (Indian Army) IC-19844  1971 Indo-Pak War
099.  W Commander A. J. S. Sandhu  VrC (Indian Air Force)  1965 Indo-Pak War
100.  W Commander B. K. Bishnoi  VrC (Indian Air Force) 4594 F(P) 1971 Indo-Pak War

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List of brave soldiers from Haryana who laid down their lives in the 1999 Kargil War

Notice: This list is not complete and while we have tried our best to be careful, we are not responsible for any mistakes that may have crept in. You are welcome to bring to our notice names that we might have missed and any errors. Vir Chakra


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