Sepoy Man Singh
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Sepoy Man Singh   Maha Vir Chakra   4128692

Sepoy Man Singh was born on 12th April, 1926 in Rohtak district, Haryana. His father's name was Sh. Sampat Singh. Sepoy Man Singh enrolled in the Indian Army ( 1 Para Kumaon Regiment ) on 12th April, 1945. After retirement he settled in village Khera Machhroli, district Rohtak.

1948 India-Pak War: On 25th January 1948, Sepoy Man Singh was in a picket in Poonch in Jammu & Kashmir, when it was very strongly attacked by the enemy who were more than 200 strong. His platoon was holding the front sector of the key defensive position. The enemy approached the picket perimeter covering their advance by heavy firing from their six light machine guns (LMGs) and grenade discharges. Sepoy Man Singh's platoon had suffered more than 50% casualties and the enemy was about to rush in to capture the picket. Sepoy Man Singh, on his own initiative, came out of his trench and ran forward engaging the Pakistani soldiers by throwing grenades. He managed to destroy two of the enemy LMGs with its accompanying numbers. In this action, this brave soldier lost his life but helped saved the rest of the company and helped in the protection of the Poonch Garrison. For his bravery, devotion to duty and initiative, Sepoy Man Singh was posthumously awarded Maha Vir Chakra on 25th January, 1948.

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