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Vibes - a poem by Rajiv Lather

If you feel the vibes
from across the world,
unseen and unheard,
warming your heart,
think of me…
I am thinking
of you.

If you find your blood,
rushing to some of
your body parts,
without any reason,
blame me…
I am dreaming
of you.

If you breathe a heady
smell that fills your
mind with scent of
dancing flowers,
greet me…
I am coming
to you.

If you see your cresting
heights stiffen and
ache for the touch,
heating your soul,
feel me…
I am reaching
for you.

If it feels you are flying
among the heavens,
seeing flashes of
fire and light,
love me…
I am merging
with you.

Copyright ©  2002 - 2004 Rajiv Lather (India)

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