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Suicide - Not an Answer,   by Rakhi
Hugging death is so facile, just a matter of a pill,
No hassles, no hindrances, but let's have a stronger will

Difficulties come and are seldom few,
the life without them would be meaningless too!

Suicide is not the goal,
for it will leave a prodigious void, a huge hole

Agreed, life is often a difficult proposition,
especially, when our head is at heart's disposition

Hold your bleak courage together,
For, it will pull you from harshest of weather

Something will surely bring you close to bliss,
So, try again and give life a second kiss

Let the world remember you for how you fought,
not how you surrendered; so overcome this frivolous thought

Fight with present, for your future,
Have faith on world's creator

Ruminate, mull and discover what is amiss,
Reach out and pull it back, for, it will certainly make you rich

Turn the night that's approaching today,
a night to wonder, a time to ponder

Give yourself a second chance, a chance to live
and spread your trance, for you only live ONCE!

Copyright @ Rakhi

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