Prisoner of Circumstances
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Prisoner of Circumstances - by Rajiv Lather

Coming back home on a vacation
was the soldier young and smart,
hope of seeing again his parents
was cheering up his eager heart.

But in the village in his absence,
there was an incident awfully bad,
due to a fight with the neighbours
his parents were seething and sad.

On his arrival exploded the mother
with these severely hurting taunts,
“what was the use of nursing you, if
you can’t take care of our wants!”

Unable to stand these cruel barbs,
their obedient and revengeful son,
killed those who had slighted them,
using as weapon his personal gun

Police came and he was arrested.
“Oh my God!!”, his mother wailed,
“Why didn’t my evil tongue rot,
before it had so foolishly railed.”
This anguish was useless now as
her son was convicted and jailed.

Copyright @ & Rajiv Lather

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