Nature's Touch
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Nature's Touch - a poem by Rajiv Lather

Chirping birds slumber break,
refreshing dip mountain lake.
Emerging sunrays kissing sky
hiking expedition spirits high.

Portable stove cooking food
sated stomach lifting mood.
Route decided reading maps
walking resumes hilly tracks.

Troubling blisters tired feet
caressing rain freezing sleet,
aching muscles sodden shoes,
heavy rucksack adding woes.

Himalayan range God's abode
delightful vista lightens load.
Chaotic colors produce calm
nature’s touch applying balm.

Whistling wind melodic sound
moss-covered spongy ground.
Mountain flowers scented air,
fleeting glimpse animals rare.

Sinuous valleys soaring peaks
weeping rocks dancing creeks,
green trees sweating leaves,
inspiring web nature weaves.

Virgin forests snows chaste
leisurely living absent haste.
Soothing mind pumping heart,
soul revived worries depart.

Returning home singing birds
springing forth poetic words.
Exhausted body energy spent,
sleeping bag welcoming tent.

Copyright © Rajiv Lather 2002

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