Mantra for Success
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Mantra for Success - by Rajiv Lather
It doesn't matter if you are mean,
never a good person you have been.
Just learn effectively to lie a lot,
with sincerity that you haven't got,
so that your reputation looks clean.

Show plenty of appetite for greed,
that's the only talent you will need.
Snatch with both hands all you can
like a thirsty and desperate man,
this way you will definitely succeed.

Rob if sure you won't get caught,
flee with goods you haven't bought.
After gaining sympathy with a ruse,
begging & borrowing are also of use,
to get all that you have ever sought.

If the above tricks do not work,
and yet from hard work you shirk,
you still dont need to earn a quarter,
get hitched to a rich man's daughter,
and enjoy your life with a smirk.

Copyright @ & Rajiv Lather

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