Human Vulture
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Human Vulture - a poem by Rajiv Lather

My heart is like a vulture
full of greed and turpitude,
soaring above the dying earth
searching for rotten food.

To see the open sores below,
to watch the polluted seas,
I fly among the chemical clouds
destroying the heavenly trees.

I consume with gluttonous lust
and destroy with ruthless streak,
I desire with shameless craving
earth's every bounty in my beak.

No God can prevent my plunder,
nor thwart my grabbing claws,
as long as I can fly so high
above the moral ethical laws.

I'm dependant on mother Earth
yet I mindlessly tear her apart,
I am a bird of material greed
a voracious vulture in my heart!

Copyright © Rajiv Lather 2001


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