Bichhoo Booti
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Bichhoo Booti - by Rajiv Lather
Out in the mountains a camping trip
walk all day till there is a nightfall.
Spot selected for pitching the tents.
Move to attend to the nature's call.

As one crouches among the bushes,
fear strikes from insects that roam,
one of these creepy crawly creatures
may well decide to find a new home.

Disaster strikes as the Bichoo Booti
come in deadly contact with the skin,
causing such an indescribable itch
that makes one yell with a silly grin.

The local guide gives us this advice
apply wild spinach leaves on the spot.
Suggestion is accepted, balm applied
this gives some relief but not a lot.

While this experience was unsettling
one has this view to remove the glum,
to have become the only person who
used spinach leaves to wipe his bum.

Copyright @ & Rajiv Lather

'Bichhoo' means scorpion in Hindi and 'Booti' means a shrub. 'Bichhoo Booti' is a shrub found in the lower reaches of the Himalayan mountains. The leaves of this shrub cause an acute burning and itching sensation, when it comes in contact with the human skin that can continue for several hours. The local people claim, that wild spinach always grows along with Bichhoo Booti, and the application of fresh leaves of Spinach gives relief from this itch.

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