Bhopal Disaster
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Bhopal Industrial Disaster, December 3 1984 - by Rajiv Lather

Winter night and all is quiet,
people sleep wrapped in quilts,
unaware of the virulent monster
close by, seething to escape.

Right after midnight it leaks out,
like a gargantuan gray amoeba,
silently floating along the floor,
entering homes thru' windows n doors. 

Toxic tentacles touch every one
to burn tissues of eyes and lungs.
Fleeing folks flounder in the dark
and choke on their own fluids. 

Doom roams from home to home,
industriously snuffing out life after life.
Poisonous cloud continues to kill,
till thousands die a dreadful death. 

Dawn sheds light on a tragic sight;
ill and dead spread here and there.
Green leaves turned to black
and smell of burning chilies hangs in air. 

Funeral fires light up the sky,
as flesh after lifeless flesh
is consumed by flames,
seen off by eyes too shocked to cry.

Powers that be let rich culprits flee.
Handicapped survivors, cries of blind
remain behind as relentless reminders
of great deeds achieved by greed.

Copyright @ Rajiv Lather
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