A typical day
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A typical day - by Rajiv Lather

Voices, some buzz nudges me awake,
wife is getting the children ready,
I try to extract that extra bit of sleep
before it is time to drop kids to school. 

On arriving back I actually need for me,
three newspapers and two cups of tea.
Wait for caffeine to work, skim headlines,
prior to reading them all in the bathroom. 

Getting out head straight for TV news,
who knows what might have happened
while I was in, life is faster than me,
thatís what my family complains anyway. 

Ready for big glass of milk, after which
I have one of six decisions to make.
Censored, dream on bed, do some work,
read, surf the net or - dream on bed? 

Today roll of dice has ordered work,
thus grudgingly off to the farm I go.
Lording over help I toil hard, from the
commanding position of a chair in shade. 

To pass the time, I squash some spiders
who dare drop from the tree I sit under.
Now and then I rise to walk and wander
let them know I am here and watching. 

Sun sets finally and it is time to return,
roll in the dust is a must for full effect.
On seeing hard working me, back home
I get welcoming smiles and sympathies.

Satisfied with what I have achieved,
enjoy well earned attention and care.
Night, approach the bed with dread
to wait for roof to fall over my head.

Copyright @ haryana-online.com & Rajiv Lather

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