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We Come Bearing Gifts - by Swati Chandran
Timeless mountains, testimony to evolution
stripped bare of foliage, blasted for stone
rivers that cradled and nursed civilizations
flooded with refuse, poisoned and killed
forests that give us the very air we breathe
cut down, burnt, cleared mercilessly

The great blue sky, now a new shade of gray
raining down our own toxins, a debt repaid
animals, that used to run free in the wild
allocated spaces, living and dying in captivity
like lifeless souvenirs from our travels
to put in show cases and watch at will

Nuclear threats, technological jargon
material wealth and spiritual bankruptcy
an education that teaches that there is no God
nothing that canít be explained scientifically
values, morals and ethics are things of the past
no place in the new age vocabulary

Sheer gratitude for natureís bounty
generosity towards everything that sustains us
our expression of love for the children we bear
the vision of progress for us and ours
urbanization, modernization, etcetera, etcetera
our gifts to mother nature, ourselves and our progeny!

Copyright @ Swati Chandran

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