Soul soup for chicken
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Soul soup for the chicken - by Swati Chandran

So you want to be a star
But you are still too chicken
And you think you can’t be anything
But another rooster or a hen 

Sign up for this one course meal
Of soul soup for the scared
Where all your flaws will come to light
And all your strengths be bared 

They call it a pep up course
And charge you a tidy sum
And promise to take you up the rungs
To CEO from  just a bum 

They’ll tell you what to work on
And what signals to ignore
Listen up, don’t fall asleep
If you do, at least don’t snore! 

Now you’re ready to take on the world
Your chest and mind inflated
Your dreams take on so many hues
That your pupils are dilated 

Hope it helps you with your interview
Or that elusive promotion
If you don’t make it, doesn’t matter…
They’ll find you a soup kitchen!!

Copyright @ Swati Chandran

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