Love in Cyberspace
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Love in Cyberspace - by Swati Chandran
Another Monday, another week
He's got so many meetings today
"Bye honey, take care" he says,
A peck on my cheek, and he's on his way

I shower and change, tie back my hair
Switch on the A/C, pull up my chair
Hook on to the net, check my mail,
Logon to my chattie and look for you

You're not online yet, I wonder why
Peak hour traffic? broken down car?
I hum a tune and watch the time
"PING!"...Hey!! there you are!!

"Hi love, sorry I'm late" you type
"Six months of chatting, don't you think we should meet?"
My heart is racing, don't know what to say
"Yes, Oh yes! but could we keep it discreet?"

We fix up a time and think of a place
Lunch, Thursday, at "The Rendezvous"
I'll be in my nice new powder blue dress
You'll bring me a rose, wear your gray suit

Its Thursday, I'm here, am looking for you
My eyes sift through the crowd and ....
"Oh my God, no, don't do this to me!!!"
It's my husband behind that menu card

He turns and looks and our eyes meet
He waves to me, doesn't seem very happy!
"Hey! Fancy seeing you here" he says
I sit myself down while wanting to flee

We smile and talk, ask for something to drink
Then all of a sudden, I begin to stare
And his eyes seem to be widening too
We suddenly notice what's right there

He's in his favorite gray suit
The rose peeping from under his office file
Accusations and apologies dart back and forth
As we stare silently at each other for a while

Then the irony of it all sets in
Like some message from eternity
Off the net and on it too,
Guess WE were just destined to be!!!

Copyright @ Swati Chandran

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