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Since you have been gone - by Shashi

You have been gone
For nearly a decade now
Yet if feels
As if just yesterday
You were here
Sharing your love
Tending chores
Invincible, indispensable,
A permanent fixture
On the landscape
As life sailed by 

You are a fond memory
Held tightly in our aching hearts
Why have you been taken away?
From us O dearest why?
Why did you have to leave soon? 

As I sit in pain
Mixed with anticipation
Thinking about you
How nice it would be
To see your face
Just one more time
If only I could turn the clock
Rewrite the past
I would trade places
Add a happier ending 

The essence of you
Is all I needed
To pull me through
The endless maze
I wouldn’t feel so bad
If I were there
To keep you company
As you find your way
Around that new place
But you wouldn’t have wished that
I know if you had your way
Things would have been picture perfect
But that was not to be

Copyright @ Shashi

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