Restless heart
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Restless heart - by Shashi

O restless heart of mine
O patient heart of mine
To you I give
This precious life of mine

O weary soul of mine
O torrid soul of mine
To you I owe
The triumphs of lifetime!

It was you that robbed me
Of vivid rainbow dreams
Through turbulence and sighs
You tormented me so much
I could hardly recognize
The years gone by

It was you that lost me
In the whirlwind so ghostly
The alleyways so lonely
With promises of past
With memories so alive
You hold me still captive
In the not-so-distant past

It was you that jolted me
Shattered my tranquility
From gentle breeze of mountains
To the tumbleweed in the desert
You brought me so much sadness
With angst and disdain

You smiled ever so sheepishly
Inflicting deep wounds of pain
You left me baffled and bewildered
With emptiness and vain

It was you that found me
Held my hand and caressed me
Through despair and darkness
Through melancholy haunted stares
You waved from afar so gently
When the world was so unfair

It was you that led me
To the world free of drudgery
In a far away place so friendly
To freedom and imagination plenty
To the rainbows of happiness
To the sunshine so rare
To triumphs of life, so few could dare

Wish you had met me half way
We could have had it both ways
If only you didnít pound faster
If only you didnít tremble
If only you had stopped beating
In death peace would be mine

But then you must beat
O restless heart of mine
O patient heart of mine

Copyright @ Shashi


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