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Archaeological Sites in Haryana - Rakhigarhi, Kunal, Agroha, Banawali

Rakhigarhi (Hissar district) 29.17N - 76.07E

Today, the 5000 year old history of our civilization is on the threshold of being rewritten. Recent excavations at Rakhi Garhi in Hissar district of Haryana may push the history of the civilization back by over a thousand years. This site could again bring to front, questions about the Vedic Civilization and its relationship to the Indus Valley civilization. Archaeologists and historians are already excited about the findings from Rakhigarhi - a large site on the banks of, what is now believed to be, the dried bed of Saraswati river. Senior archaeologists consider this to be no ordinary Harappan site. They say the findings have already started showing new civilization contours.

Banawali (Fatehbad district) 29.36N - 75.25E

Banawali is a Pre Harappan and Harappan site. At Banawali, evidence of ploughed fields has been found. Large quantity of barley and evidence of growing of sesame and mustard have also been found. The use of wooden plough for ploughing the fields were prevalent. The mound in Banawali, 15 kms from Fatehbad, reveals a fortified town (BC 2500 1700).

Kunal (Fatehbad district) 29.38N - 75.43E

Kunal seems to be a Pre Harappan site. Two silver crowns presumably worn by the King and queen along with gold and silver jewellery has been found here in an earthen jar. This is the first time that a regal crown has been found in the subcontinent. This site brings to light that the Harappans went through three stages of development; from pit houses to regular rectangular and square dwellings above the surface.

Agroha (Hissar district)

The Agroha mound goes back to the 3rd century BC and is where Harappan coins were discovered apart from stone sculptures, terracotta seals, iron and copper implements, shells and a host of other things.

Mittathal (Bhiwani district) 28.52N - 76.11E

At this site, three phases of Harappan culture have been found.

Naurangabad (Bhiwani district)

Remains of a town about 2500 year old have been found here.

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