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Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA)

The Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA), a statutory body of Haryana Government was constituted under the Haryana Urban Development Authority Act, 1977, to achieve the expeditious development of urban estates. The main functions of Haryana Urban Development Authority are as under :-

  • To promote development of urban areas with the power to acquire, sell and dispose off property.
  • To acquire, develop and dispose land for residential, industrial and commercial purpose
  • To make available developed land to for providing houses to economically weaker sections.
  • To undertake building works.

HUDA consists of a Chairman (Minister for Town & Country Planning & Urban Estates), a Vice Chairman (Chief Secretary), a Chief Administrator and such other members appointed under notification issued from time to time. The HUDA has  various wings, like Urban Branch, Engineering, Town Planning and Architecture, Financial, Legal and Monitoring. The Chief Administrator at the Head-Quarters is the  overall in charge and responsible for discharging functions of the Authority assisted by four zonal Administrators, posted at Panchkula, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Hissar and one Administrator at H.Q. The Chief Administrator is guided by the policies framed by the Authority headed by the Minister-in-charge (designated as the Chairman of the Authority) of the Town & Country Planning Departments.


ZONAL ADMINISTRATION: HUDA has so far setup 27 Urban estates throughout the state. The work of these Urban Estates is being looked after by four zonal Administrators assisted by six Estate Officers and 11 Asstt. Estate Officers. The main functions of these Estate Officers are to sell developed and undeveloped plots of all categories of land and realize the amount of installments. All the financial receipts of transactions are looked after by the Estate Officers. The Administrators act as coordinators between various wings engaged in the planned urban development of the respective areas and are responsible for the implementation of various schemes/projects being executed in these areas. The zonal Administrators are located at following places:-

  • Administrator, HUDA, Panchkula, C-3, Sector-6, Panchkula, Ph. +91 - 0172 - 560024
  • Administrator, HUDA, Faridabad, HUDA Complex, Sector-12, Faridabad, Ph. +91 - 0129 - 285497
  • Administrator, HUDA, Gurgaon, HUDA Complex,Sector-14, Gurgaon. Ph. +91 - 0124 - 321650
  • Administrator, HUDA, Hissar, HUDA Complex, U. E. II, Hissar. Ph. +91 - 01662 - 32085
URBAN BRANCH: Administrator posted at H.Q. is in charge and responsible for co-ordination among different wings of the Authority

ENGINEERING WING is headed by the Chief Engineer assisted by Works Divisions which are scattered all-over the State. The work of the Engineering Wing comprises of assistance in the selection of an area for development and its execution, construction of infrastructure for the development and maintenance of infrastructure. The Chief Engineer is the Professional Head of the Engineering Wing. The entire state is divided into 6 circles, 24 Divisions and 89 Sub-Divisions headed by Superintending Engineers, Executive Engineers and Sub-Divisional Engineers respectively. As soon as the land is acquired and handed-over to the HUDA, infrastructure development works are taken up by the Engineering wing and after providing the basic infrastructure facilities, possession of the plots is handed over to the Estate Office, who in turn offers the possession to the respective allotees. The infrastructure facilities includes the approach road, Electrification, water supply, sewerage facilities, community buildings and parks.

FINANCE WING is headed by the Chief Controller of Finance which comprises of Sr. Accounts Officer at the Head Quarters and with all the Administrators  assisted by Accounts Officers and supporting staff posted in all the Estates, Circle, Divisional offices etc. This Wing is responsible for the financial management of the Authority. HUDA is working on a 'no profit no loss' basis and carrying out its activities by circulation of funds. The funds generated out of sale of residential, industrial and institutional plots are invested in acquisition of new areas which enable HUDA to generate more plots for the public and more funds for the development works and new acquisitions. The Price fixed on no profit no loss basis is charged from the plot holders with the stipulation that any enhanced compensation in the land cost awarded by the courts under section-18 of the Land Acquisition Act shall be recoverable in addition as and when such eventuality happens. The plots to the Economical Weaker Section of the Society are provided on a subsidized rate and the loss on this account is charged from the higher categories of the plots through cross subsidization.

ARCHITECTURE AND TOWN PLANNING WINGS established at the Head-Quarters look after the work of perspective Planning for establishment of new urban estates, development of zoning and architectural controls, the design of city centers, Planning of commercial area, landscape, designing of parks and open spaces including nurseries and all other works of urban design. The Town Planning wing is headed by a Chief Town Planner (HUDA) who is assisted by a Senior Town Planner & District Town Planners. Architecture wing comprises of Senior Architect and his staff for preparation of Architectural controls and Architectural designs of all buildings constructed by HUDA.

LAND ACQUISITION DIVISIONS: The acquisition of land for urban development is undertaken by four Land Acquisition Officers of the Urban Estates Deptt. The State Govt. on the request of the Authority acquires land under the provisions of the Land Acquisition Act, 1894 and after taking possession of land, transfers it to the Authority on payment.

(a) Market Rate Compensation to Land Owners: Before 09.02.1995 the award for land acquisition was announced on the basis of rates determined by concerned District Collector who was the Competent Authority under Revenue Law to assess such rates. The assessment was based on the average of registered sale transactions during the last 5 years prior to the Section-4 notification in respect of adjoining lands of similar category. However, it was felt that the above mentioned collector rates did not reflect the actual market prices and therefore on 09.02.1995 Government constituted a committee comprising of the following officers to decide the market price to be paid to the land owners in case of acquisition by the Government. The above instructions of the Government were modified on 20.06.1995 by changing the composition of the committee thus:-

  •   Divisional Commissioner  Chairman
  •   Dy. Commissioner concerned Member Secretary
  •   Representative of the concerned Member Department
  •   District Revenue Officer concerned Member

(b) Stages in acquisition, planning and development of a sector: The Town & Country Planning Department of the State has prepared development plans of various towns/controlled area taking into consideration the further needs of Industrial, Residential and commercial sectors so as to ensure proper and planned urban development. There's a laid down procedure for acquisition of land for the development of residential, Industrial, Institutional as well as Commercial sectors/area while identifying the land for a specific purpose aspects local requirements, demand sale potential accessibility viability are taken into consideration, thereafter the identified land is notified. Once the land is acquired, possession is taken over and layout plan/zoning plan of the area is finalized, the plots provided in the layout plan are floated for allotment. Development works are undertaken as per approved demarcation plan, and after completion of development works, possession is handed over to the allotees

(c) Release of land: Once the land is notified under section 4 of Land Acquisition Act, the land owners and other persons, whose land is acquired may file objections to the acquisition of their land under section 5A of Land Acquisition Act. The standing joint inspection  Committee constituted under the chairmanship of zonal Administrator, HUDA, considers the objection so received and submits its recommendations. Normally the land falling under the following categories is considered for release from acquisition.

  • Land falling under structure of A & B class existing prior to notification under section-4.
  • Land falling under the existing place of worships.
  • Land under the ownership of Wakf board.
  • Land against which licenses for setting up a colony has been granted by the competent authority.
  • Land under the ownership of Govt. of India. Such land is acquired by way of transfer.
  • Any other land which State Govt. may decide not to acquire.

GOVT. LAND SCHEME: Govt. took a decision in 1987 to utilize the surplus Govt. lands for generating funds. The Council of Ministers in the meeting held on 14.12.87 had approved the general scheme of alienation of surplus Govt. land and properties. These lands were then transferred to the Department of Town & Country Planning for further alienation to HUDA for disposal. In all 14 schemes have been taken up with an area of 455.95 acres out of these 14 schemes, 9 schemes were commercial in nature, 4 residential and 1 industrial scheme.

MANDI TOWNSHIP AREAS: The Mandi Portion of 31 Mandi Townships established by the Colonization Department are under the Haryana Mandi Board and the remaining 29 Mandi Townships came under HUDA. The total land measuring 3516.439 acres (including vacant land measuring 1316.81 acres and 3422 vacant plots) of 29 Mandi Townships established by erstwhile Colonization Deptt. were taken over by HUDA on 11.9.87.

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