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Wallcreeper - © Rajiv Lather photographed at Berwala Bird Sanctuary, 13th Mar, 05

Wallcreeper (Tichodroma muraria) is a rare winter visitor to Haryana. This bird is found on rocky rivers and cliffs.

The Wallcreeper is a rock-creeping passerine, with long bill and large feet. Plumage color is a mix of dusky grey, and black, with distinctive carmine wing-patch. Sexes dissimilar. Breeds from June to August in the Himalayas at altitudes ranging from 3000 meters to the snowline. Forages mainly on rock faces, among pebbles on banks of streams and below cliffs. While foraging, frequently investigates crevices, often disappearing between rocks.

Order: PASSERIFORMES    Family: Sittidae    Size: 17 cm    Weight: 18 gm    Wingspan: 28-30 cm    Food: Insects & spiders

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