Spot billed Duck
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Spot billed Duck

Spot billed Duck - photograph by David Behrens

Spot-billed Duck (Anas poecilorhyncha), also called Grey Duck. This bird is a common breeding resident. Locally called Garm Pai or Gugral, it is found in the wetlands of Haryana, India.  Identification: Large dark brown duck with scaly-pattern plumage. Bill is black with yellow, orange spot on the base of bill.

Order: ANSERIFORMES   Family: Anatini   Size: 60 cm

Habits: Found all over India in wetlands, freshwater vegetation covered jheels and reservoirs etc. with extensive emergent vegetation. This bird is sociable, often found in pairs. Female duck with chicks is a common site during breeding season. It breeds from July to September.

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