Red whiskered Bulbul
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Red whiskered Bulbul

Red whiskered Bulbul - Photograph by Ron Saldino

Scientific name is (Pycnonotus jacosus). This bird is a scarce breeding resident, found in the wooded areas of Haryana.  Habitat: This bulbul has adapted well to trees and shrubs in suburban areas or yards. These birds usually stay under cover of vegetation, but occasionally perch in the open. It is native to India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Burma, and the South China coast.

Order: PASSERIFORMES    Family: Pycnonotidae    Size: 20 cm    Local Name: Kamera Bulbul or Pahari Bulbul

Identification: Red-whiskered Bulbul has a distinct red ear-patch and red tail coverts. This bulbul can weigh from 23-42 gm. The birds are brownish above and white below their stomach region, from birth until an age six months. Head is black with a pointed crest and there is a red patch, the "whiskers", behind the eye. The beak is slender and notched. Their nostrils are oval–shaped, and have bristles. The legs and toes have little strength and are usually short. Wings are short and rounded and the tail shape varies from rounded to squared. Juveniles resemble adults except that they lack the red marking on the head.

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