Eurasian Wigeon
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Eurasian Wigeon

Eurasian Wigeon (Anas penelope) is a common winter visitor to the wetlands of Haryana. Local names: Peason, Patari.

Order: ANSERIFORMES   Family: Anatidae   Weight: Male 720 gm;  Female 650 gm   Wingspan: 32 inches   Length: 18-19 in

Eurasian Wigeon has a round head, thin bill, steep forehead with slightly curved shape on the back of the head, narrow neck, and pointed tail and wing tips. Basic coloration is brown eyes, blue-gray legs & feet, white belly and upper middle coverts, blue bill with a black tip, black nostrils, and a green speculum on each wing. In the non-breeding season, the male Wigeon has white upper wing coverts and a dark chestnut-brown head, neck, flanks, and chest. In breeding season the male's breeding plumage is distinguished by a pale gray back & sides, gray wings with black tips, a white patch on each wing, black tail, pink-purple chest, a red head with light yellow crown, and a slightly tinted green patch near each eye. The female has two color phases of gray-brown and rufous. Gray-brown phase shows a dark brown body and wings with gray axillaries, brown head and neck, and dark brown color around eyes. The rufous stage shows a rust-brown colored head, neck, sides, chest and back.

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