Black-crowned Night Heron
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Black crowned Night Heron

Black-crowned Night Heron (Nycticorax nycticorax), also called Night Heron. This bird is a scarce breeding resident. Locally called Tar Bagla or Kwaak, it is found in the wetlands of Haryana.

Identification: Black crown and back; grey wings and tail; white under-parts; eyebrows and lores whitish; bill black slightly curved downward; legs and toes yellow (pinkish-red in breeding); eyes red. Genders look alike. Only adults have bright red eyes, juveniles first have grey eyes which turn yellow then red.

Feeding: Although they fly around during the day, Night Herons hunt throughout the night and early morning. But when food is scarce or in high demand (e.g., during the breeding season), they also hunt during the day.

Order: CICONIIFORMES   Family: Ardeidae   Size: 62 cm   Call: Harsh kwark or kwok   Eggs: 3-6 pale green eggs   Lifespan: ~20 years

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