Haryanavi Sayings
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The Hindi word (Kahawat) literally means a saying. It is derived from Hindi (Kahana) "to say". Haryanavi may be stated as one of the languages which gave birth to (khari boli) hindi, many of its kahawats are found in Hindi, still there are some which can be stated in pure haryanwi language. In day to day life of Haryana one can come across a lot of prose and phrases and it is difficult to note all of them. In a village at every corner where men are sitting smoking hookahs or where women are working in a field kahawats are a living part of their conversation.

An old man seeing a man becoming rich says, "Ajkal dharti pe paon na tiktey iskey". It means he is flying high, this is a kahawat. I am trying to write a few haryanawi kahawats, hope you enjoy them:

1. Kag padhaya pinjarey, padh gaya charon ved, samjhayan samjhya nahin, rahya dhed ka dhed:
You cannot educate a crow like a parrot even if you teach him in a cage, he will not understand anything just like a foolish man will remain foolish and wont change.

2. Ghar dhek key khaye, padosi dekh kamaye:
Spend according to your income and earn as your neighbor.

3. Ocha baniaa, god ka chhohra, ochhay ki preet, baloo ki bheent, kadey sukh nahi dey:
A cunning money lender, adopted son, cruel love and a sand wall will never give happiness.

4. Paon saday, ghoda aday, vidya bisar jaye, roti jaley angar pe, koh chela, kis pher? Guruji, phera nahi:
Burning feet, reluctant horse, forgotten knowledge, burnt bread, what's all this?" asks teacher. The pupil foolishly replies, "Dont know".

5. Mat mari Jat ki, rangarh rakhya halli, vo usney kam kahey, vo de usney galli:
The Jat has acted foolishly by keeping a ranghar (notorious member of society) as his farm worker, each time he tells him to work, the ranghar retorts by abuses.

6. Jis ghar bara na maniye, dhori parey na ghas, sas bahu ka ho ladna, ujad ho jiya bas:
A house where elders are not respected, cows are not fed well, where mother-in-law and daughter-in-law fight, that house can never flourish.

7. Jis ghar bara na bajhiye, diva jaley na sanjh, so ghar ujad, janiye, ja ghar tiriya banjh:
In homes where elders opinions are not valued, where lamp is not lighted in the evening, where women is barren, know that house is finished.

8. Jab chinti anda le chaley, chiriya nahvey dhool main, kahey sianay sun bhai, barsay ghag jarror:
When ants carry eggs, sparrows play in sand then it will rain definitely.

9. Jiski choudi ho papakhi aur patli naarh, issi bhans bisahvo yar:
Whose back is broad and has a thick neck, that buffalo is best, buy it.

10. Joban lugai ka bees ya tees, ar bael chaley nou saal. mard aur ghora kadey no ho burha, agar milley khurak:
Youth of a woman is 20 or 30, ox remain active till 9 years, but man and horse, if given good diet never get old.

11. Jat kahey jatni say, jay is gam main sukhi rehna. Chinti kha gi hathi nay, hanji hanji kehna:
Jat says to his wife, "If you want to live happily in this state, then just say yes to every lie, even when someone says an ant has eaten an elephant.

12. Jay baniya banja hakim, to gajab khuda:
If businessmen become rulers, then God only can help.

13. Bhai, bhinoi, bhanja aur bhupal. in charon nay chodkar, kitey karo viyapar:
Do not include brother, nephew, brother-in-law and other relatives in partnership, if you want to do business.

14. Tan say ujla man say sanvala, bugley jisa bhekh. Aisay te kaga bhala bahar bhitar ek:
Those who are fair from outside and ill natured from inside are like Agarate. Ais better than it who is same from outside and inside in other words those who do not hide their true feelings are better.

15. Kothey upar tumadi, ke degi dumdi:
One who has already hidden eatables such a miser can help no one.

16. Sanghi ka kam marey, Aur marrey bhadvay ka gham:
For a farmer farming in partnership and hot summers in September are both harmful.

17. Kaya rahey nirog, jo kum khaye. uska bigdhay na kam, jo gum khaye:
He who eats less remains healthy. He never fails who does not get depressed.

18. Dani kal parakhyo, gay ne phagan mah.bahu nay jas din parakhye, jab dhan palley na:
He who helps in need is great, cow who gives milk even in April (in summers) is good and women is judged when there is no money.

19. Chatur hai je bairi to bhi theek, par murkh bhala na miit. keh gaye siyaney kadey na kariyu murakh jan say preet:
An enemy if wise is better than a stupid friend. Wise men say never be friends with a fool.

20. Muh lagai gar dumani, gavegi all patal:
Never keep foolish person nearby, as he can say anything at any time.

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